In the 50’s, candies were simple small sugar balls that children ate with their fingers. In 1958, the Catalan Enric Bernat decided to create candies that do not get hands dirty, “a kind of candy on a small stick.”

Inspired by the Spanish verb chupar which means to suck, Enric Bernat gave the name Chups to his lollipops. A song was created to market them and the chorus was saying “Chupa, chupa, cheap a Chups”. Children were claiming Chupa Chups to their parents, so Enric Bernat decided to rename his lollipop CHUPA CHUPS.

While Chupa Chups became an international brand, Enric Bernat has developed a more universal logo. The task was given to the great artist Salvador Dali who had the idea to incorporate the logo in a daisy, which is still today recognizable and popular by the general public.