Banania is a witness of the history : it has accompagnied and participated in major economic and political events. The company was founded in 1912 on the initiative of Pierre Lardet, journalist [...]


At the age of 21, Jean Galler founded his own chocolate factory. More than 36 years later, the foundations remain the same: the Passion for Chocolate, the Love for Perfection, the [...]

Côte d’Or

In 1870, Charles Neuhaus opened a small chocolate factory in Schaerbeek in the Brussels region. In 1883, he created the brand Côte d’Or which refers to the Gold Coast (Ghana), where many beans he [...]


Hamlet contributes to the Belgian chocolate tradition by creating and producing delicious and visually appealing products.


Heidi Chocolat SA was founded in 1994 by the Swiss family Laederach, the owner of Confiseur Läderach AG, a famous Swiss producer of premium chocolate and confectionery products. Today, this brand [...]


Belgian chocolatier Dolfin has been making fine chocolate since 1989. Their master chocolate makers have a passion for creating artisan recipes with subtle and harmonious flavors. Natural [...]


The story of Chocolaterie Guylian began in the late 1950’s with the marriage of Guy Foubert and Liliane in 1958. Guy and Liliane joined their first names to create the company name: Chocolaterie [...]

Flagrants Désirs

Once your burning desire for chocolate has been lit, it will grow brighter with each passing day until it can only be quenched by our delicately flavored chocolate. Beautifully crafted, it [...]


For more than eight decades Turin has been producing world class premium chocolates. Turin’s original Italian heritage is preserved in its unique formulas and brings together the highest [...]

Moulin des Moines

Moulin des Moines is built on the site of a 13th century mill founded by Cistercian monks in the heart of the Alsatian countryside, near the river Zorn. The Cistercian monks were renowned for [...]

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