Annas crispy “pepparkakor”, or ginger thins, have been baked to the same recipe since 1929 when two sisters, Anna and Emma Karlsson, opened a home bakery in the Östermalm district of Stockholm. [...]


Galletas Gullón was founded by Manuel Gullón in 1892. This restless, imaginative man, with his entrepreneurial approach, worked to introduce a product in Spain that was unknown at the time in [...]

La Mère Poulard

A legendary cook, La Mère Poulard reminds everyone of the innon Mont-Saint Michel and the secret of the very special omelettes cooked over a wood fire, the taste of which has delighted [...]


Lotus Bakeries story began in Belgium in 1932 when the Boone family started baking the decorative caramelized biscuits and delivering them door to door in their signature red truck. In 1963, [...]


In 1925, the love for bees was in Alberic Florizoone’s genes. He was the fourth generation of beekeepers in the family. At the age of 18, Alberic began to sell the harvest from the bee hives. In [...]

Pierre Biscuiterie

In the French countryside of Normandy, Pierre has been making cookies since the 19th century. Pierre Biscuiterie continues this legacy of simplicity, naturalness and pleasure. Its selection of [...]


The Poppies story started early in the 20th century in the heart of Flanders Fields in Belgium. There, father Popelier laid the foundations of a truly authentic artisan bakery tradition which was [...]