Chef’s Club

Its brand, Chef’s Club provides a complete range of seasonings for meals prepared with fi sh, seafood as well as beef, chicken, poultry, vegetables and other side dishes. Chef’s Club offers a [...]

Christian Potier

For 25 years, Christian Potier, Chef of Classic French Cuisine, has brought high quality products to its customers. He selects superior ingredients and cooks them according to traditional [...]

La Belle Chaurienne

The Chauriens and Chauriennes are the inhabitants of Castelnaudary, a small town in the south of France worldwide recognized for its famous cassoulet. La Belle Chaurienne is a good choice of name [...]


Heimburger is one of the few family businesses which is still independent and well established on the pasta market, both in retail as among catering professionals. Thoroughness, respect for the [...]


Leroux works hand in hand with local farmers in order to offer the best quality products. 150 years of industrial, commercial, advertising and environmental initiatives have given to [...]


Marketed by the Antartic Group, William offers a wide range of syrups. From the iconic Grenadine to the finest flavors like Pink Grapefruit, William syrups are available in varied flavors [...]


Since 1883, Conserverie Parmentier has been an expert to please the finest palates thanks to its traditional know-how. Still today, the leading brand keeps its simplicity and authenticity. The [...]

Petit Navire

Founded in 1932, the Petit Navire brand is built on core values such as simplicity, and natural purity. Thanks to its high quality standards and know-how, Petit Navire has become the leading [...]