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Leroux works hand in hand with local farmers in order to offer the best quality products. 160 years of industrial, commercial, advertising, and environmental initiatives have given Leroux chicory its position as a key-player on the market.

Chicory is a root full of benefits! In addition to being 100 % vegetarian, chicory is an excellent source of prebiotic fiber (inulin), minerals, and antioxidants. It is also gluten free and has low calories. Leroux chicory is a coffee alternative and when diluted in hot or cold water or milk, it provides a balanced and gourmet beverage that is suitable for the whole family.

Mixed with coffee, Leroux chicory reveals all its aromas and gives it roundness thanks to its light caramelized taste. Naturally caffeine-free, it also reduces the amount ofstimulants in your hot beverage.